Drug                                                             mechanism of action
Allopurinol                                   inhibits the enzyme xanthine oxidase, involved in the                                                                   synthesis of   Uric acid
Antipsychotics:                           acts by blocking dopamine receptors.
Aspirin                                          inhibits enzyme cyclooxygenase and prevents synthesis of                                                               prostaglandins
Acetazolamide                             inhibits carbonic anhydrase used as diuretics
Aminoglycosides                         binds to 30 S ribosome and inhibit protein synthesis.
Acyclovir                                    incorporated in to viral DNA and inhibits viral replication.
Amantadine                                inhibits viral attachment and uncoating
Benzodiazepines                      act on benzodiazepines receptors and facilitate the effect of GABA.
Cimetidine                                  blocks H2 receptors.
Tetracycline’s, erythromycin        bind to 50 S and inhibit protein synthesis.
Griseofulvin                               acts as anti- fungal interferes with mitotic spindle structure
Isoniazid                                    inhibits the synthesis of mycolic acid, imp. Part of cell wall of                                                             mycobacterium
Nalidixic acid                             prevents DNA synthesis
Warfarin                                    antagonize the action of vitamin K
Primethamine                           block folic acid production by acting on dihydrofolate reductase
Penicillin                                    acts on cell wall
Sulfinpyrazole and probenecid     block uric acid reabsorbtion at PCT
Sodium valproate                        inhibits the enzyme GABA transaminase…thus increase the action                                                     of GABA
Spironolactone                           inhibits the action of aldosterone
Vinca alkaloids                             bind to tubulin fibers and inhibit mitosis
Zidovudine                                  inhibits the enzyme reverse transcriptase and inhibits the                                                                  synthesis of viral DNA
Dapsone                                    inhibition of PABA incorporation into folic acid.
Polyene class;                            acts as anti-fungal and attach to ergosterol n fungal cell wall
Terbinafine                                competitive inhibitor of squalene epoxidase acts as anti-fungal
Metronidazole                           cytotoxic in nature and cause damage to DNA
Mebendazloe                             acts on β- tubulin of parasite, similar mechanisms for class azoles.
Some important drugs and their mechanism of action
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