Q-1: Colloid mill is based on the principal of:(a) attrition (b) impact (c) shearing (d) compression

Q-2: The nature of pharmaceutical powders are:(a) monodisperse (b) polydisperse (c) bidisperse (d) None

Q-3: Size reduction is used to improve the:(a) physical stability (b) dissolution rate (c) rate of absorption (d) all of the above

Q-4: Mode of stress in size reduction in solid:(a) Impact (b) attrition (c) compression (d) All of the above

Q-5: Which kind of mill can be used for hygroscopic materials:-(a) Colloid mill (b) Percolation ball mill (c) Fluid energy mill (d) Hammer mill

Q-6: Metal used for making the sieve:(a) Zinc (b) Stainless steel (c) Tin (d) Aluminium

Q-7: The hammer mill oerates on the principal of:(a) Impact (b) Attrition (c) Compression (d) Cutting

Q-8: As per IP-1996, the pharmaceutical powders were classified into ……. types:(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6

Q-9: The ball mill operates on the principal of;(a) Impact (b) Attrition (c) Both a&b (d) None

Q-10: Most commonly used size separating instrument in laboratory is:(a) Cyclone separator (b) Sedimentation tank (c)sieve shaker (d) All of the above

Q-11: In sieve shaker, the particles are separated on the basis of:(a) Particle shape (b) Particle size (c) Particle shape (d) Particle density

Quiz Size Reduction
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